It’s Your Day to Shine – Wedding Day Hair Style

A common mistake many brides make when they are planning their wedding is to completely lose their own identity and personal style when it comes to making decisions about hair and fashion for their very special day. You will no doubt want to look and feel special on your wedding day, but make sure you are very careful to ensure that the woman who walks down the aisle on the big day is definitely you and not an image of what you or someone else thinks you should look like.    celie hair

When it comes to choosing a wedding hair styles, your number first and most important priority is to actually like the hair style you will wear. Bear in mind that there are no right or wrong and right choices when selecting your wedding hair style.

Far too often, planning a wedding can make you feel like you are involved in a major project management endeavor. You are suddenly responsible for coordinating and managing countless, not to mention dozens of people, all of whom have their own ideas about how things should be done. It does not matter if your wedding is just a small gathering of ten of your closest friends and relatives or a media event, you will still need a wedding plan; and the most efficient way to plan a flawless wedding of any size is to use a wedding checklist.

Just make sure you add your wedding hair style to your wedding check list… meeting with several hair stylists to discuss various wedding hair styles to fig your personality, your face, and especially your gown and headgear. It is best to start this process at least six months in advance of the big day – especially if your hair is short. Even if you want to sport a short hairdo on your wedding day, you may want to grow your hair out a bit to achieve the style and look that you desire to have for your wedding. You may even want to consider cutting it shorter if your hair is at one of those ‘in between’ lengths and a decidedly short hairdo is what you want for your wedding.

Nearly every professional hair stylist will have a portfolio of wedding hairdos to share with you and will be able to advise you on the wedding hairdo that would be best for you on what is no doubt the most special day of your life. With the right hair stylist and the right hair style, your hair will be perfect throughout the entire day from the first photo in the dressing room until the last guest has gone home.

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