Folding Lawn Chairs – Fashionable, Durable, and Portable

Picture in your mind a family sitting around the camp fire, roasting weenies or marshmallows while reclining in folding lawn chairs. Because a key to the design is lightweight and durability, hollow aluminum tubing for frames is usually the key to keeping these chairs light and strong enough to support many times its weight. The potential outdoor application of these chairs makes water resistance, durable fabric and padding important. Padding can also help insulate the body in colder climates. Functionality can be enhanced by large zippered or meshed pouches designed to carry necessities.

By their very definition, folding lawn chairs can be folded and therefore can easily be stored. They are portable and easy to store. For those that want a more stationary application, heavier and more durable materials such as wood or fiberglass are used.

Folding lawn chairs are available in almost an infinite number of styles, designs fabrics and materials. Their lightweight construction makes them durable and creates a huge advantage over standard chairs and they can be stacked both horizontally and vertically. These chairs can easily be brought into a living room or dining room and used for family events such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Because of their flat design when folded they can even be stored under a bed or sofa if necessary.

Materials used for framework construction include aluminum, plastic, wood or even fiberglass. Aluminum has a big advantage in that it is very light weight and weather resistant. Plastic also has an advantage in that it is inexpensive, light weight, and rust resistant as is fiberglass although fiberglass is somewhat heavier. Wood has an advantage in that it can be made to look very elegant such as teak and be made available in a large number of styles and colors.

Canvas is one of the oldest fabrics and found use early on in the military. It is tightly woven and does not stand up well to extremes in weather. In addition, if it becomes wet, it is subject to mildew damage. Synthetics such as plastic and nylon can be woven into a “mesh” which is breathable. Many of these synthetics can withstand the ravages of weather.

Cloth-type fabrics are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. They can be padded for extra support. Some dyes will fade with excess exposure to sunlight. These chairs can also come with headrests and even overhead awnings which act like an umbrella.

A great place to see the styles and colors available is to browse through your local department or discount store. There are also outlets that focus exclusively on “outdoor furniture” where one can find the greatest selection. The best deals are likely found on the internet at sites such as eBay and Amazon.

What contributes to the popularity of folding lawn chairs is the simplicity of the design, light weight, and portability. Fabric and materials used on these folding lawn chairs contribute to both its durability as well as its style and eye appeal. They are a great “go to” item for the modern mobile family. beata furniture 

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